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Kevin Bryan, Ph.D.
Lead Research Coordinator
University of Rhode Island

Dr. Kevin Bryan has been the Lead Research Coordinator for all Digital Forensics related research projects preformed at the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center since 2006. He has a BS, MS, and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Rhode Island. In addition to his academic degrees, he also has an extensive background in programming, Windows and Linux systems administration, networking, and security.

While Dr. Bryan oversees all digital forensics research projects, he is also the lead researcher on a number of specific research projects. He started his research career as the lead researcher on the URI Digital Forensics Center's project on steganography detection - a four year project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice to detect if contraband has been hidden in digital files. His earlier work in this area has been transitioned to Wetstone Technology's StegoSuite, the leading commercial tool used by law enforcement for steganography detection. His dissertation work was on detecting hidden data in digital video using Discrete Cosine Transform coefficients. He is currently working on the OCCP project.

In addition to his research work, Dr. Bryan is also involved in developing and overseeing the digital forensics and cyber security academic programs at the University of Rhode Island. He is currently teaching a course in Secure Programming that will be offered as part of the Cyber Security programs. Dr. Bryan is also responsible for administering the Computer Science Department's servers and the DFCSC's virtual lab resources.

Dr. Bryan was also involved in the partnership between URI and the NIJ's Electronic Crimes Technology Center of Excellence. He was a lead in developing, implementing, and maintaining the www.ectcoe.net website. This website was a portal for state and local law enforcement to gain access to free resources such as training classes, online interactive tools, NIJ funded tools, and publications. Dr. Bryan's involvement in this partnership led to many of the DFCSC's research projects being successfully transferred to members of state and local law enforcement through the ECTCoE.net website.