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Jacob Fonseca
University of Rhode Island

Jacob Fonseca has been working at the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center since 2009. He has an MS in Computer Science and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics from the University of Rhode Island. In addition to his academic background he has also received extensive training from AccessData, Mobile Forensics Inc., Guidance Software, and other industry leading training companies.

Mr. Fonseca is a senior investigator at the DFC, practicing advanced computer and digital forensics since 2008. He specializes in investigations involving virtualization and enterprise environments.

In addition to his investigative work involving mobile devices, Mr. Fonseca is also leading the research and testing projects in cell phone forensics. This includes designing test procedures, coordinating and overseeing the tests, and developing final reports to be published by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Electronic Crime Technology Center of Excellence (ECTCoE) describing the capabilities of each cell phone analysis tool.

Mr. Fonseca also serves as the DFCSC's primary consultant for the Rhode Island State Police Computer Crimes Unit. He was involved in designing and building the network and procedures that the RISP and other local agencies use to complete digital investigations throughout the state. As part of his consulting, Mr. Fonseca also serves as a liaison between the DFCSC and the Rhode Island Cyber Disruption Team.