CSF 410 - Digital Forensics I

Course Description

This online provides an overview of the technology, techniques, policies, procedures, and law involved with the identification, acquisition, and analysis of digital evidence from computers. It combines readings in law and cases with use of the most prominent tools in the industry. Technical topics include evidence acquisition, digital signatures, encryption and protection issues, evidence analysis, and an introduction to file systems and operating system artifacts. Legal and procedural topics include 4th Amendment issues as it pertains to digital evidence, statutory issues with digital evidence, and the Federal Rules of Evidence as they pertain to digital evidence. 4 credits.


Acceptance into the program

Course Format

This course is composed of weekly modules that include an assigned reading, online video lectures, a quiz, and a hands on assignment. Typically, new material for the week is released on Friday and due the following Friday. Students will have access to all of the necessary material through an online classroom that is maintained by the University. Part of this online classroom is a discussion board that allows students to anonymously communicate with each other and the instructor.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to WinHex
  • Forensic Procedures
  • Write Blocking and Media Preparation
  • Digital Signatures
  • Data Acquisition
  • Image Restoration
  • Live Acquisition
  • Recovery and Searching
  • VMware and Investigation
  • Password Cracking and Encryption
  • Data Carving
  • Access Data's Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

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