CSF 590 - Cyber Security Internship

Course Description

This online course provides each student with a professional experience working on an internship, applying technical and professional cyber security skills. 4 credits.


CSF 430 - Introduction to Information Assurance

Course Format

All material will be available on the Sakai website. The material for each week will be released on the site in a clear and consistent manner so that students can anticipate when and where to find information and content. This course is composed of an internship that includes a project proposal, progress reports, and weekly discussions. Each assignment week begins on a Sunday and ends on the following Sunday. The course is graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis.

Possible Projects:

  • Working with the IT department to establish cyber security and information assurance policies for employees
  • Working with the IT department to perform security audits of devices and systems in the company
  • Working with the IT department to respond to incidents of cyber attack
  • Working with the IT department to set up firewalls and monitor firewall logs
  • Working with the IT company to procure equipment
  • Working with software development in the organization to instill secure coding practices
  • Working with those in the organization that do forensic investigations of employees
  • Working with the legal department to support litigation regarding digital evidence
  • Working with the IT department to install Intrusion Detection Systems and monitor them
  • Working with the security team at the organization to instill physical security and monitoring for IT assets
  • Working with IT departments to budget IT support and do business analysis
  • Working with IT departments to identify malware on company equipment and mitigate it

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