Cyber Security Minor

These requirements have been replaced. Current Requirements
Students who have started their minor before May 2017 may use this program.

The Cyber Security Minor is a faculty-directed minor (see the URI Catalog "Minor Fields of Study") directed by Dr. DiPippo of URI's Computer Science Department. The Cyber Security Minor can be done in conjunction with any major. Typically the minor is started during the fall of a student's Sophomore or Junior year.

Typical Course Sequence

Depending on a students background and interest, the minor can be tailored to meet each student's individual needs. Completion of the Cyber Security Minor typically requires the following courses; modifications can be discussed with Dr. DiPippo:

Prerequisite Requirements

To acquire the proper background for the program students may need to study some prerequisite material to obtain faculty permission before taking CSF 430.

CSF102 - Computer Systems Fundamentals is an optional additional course in basic technology concepts, available for students coming from less technical backgrounds.

Core Requirements

12 credits

All students will be required to take the following courses that make up the core of the minor:

Additional Requirements

At least 6 credits

In addition to the prerequisite and three core courses for the minor, students must also take two additional courses from the following list:

The following courses are also accepted. These courses are only recommended for exceptional students who have passed all previous courses with an A- or better. These are graduate level courses and are significantly more dificult than traditional undergrad courses. Speak with your advisor before selecting one of these courses.

Program Requirements

Read more about the program requirements for the cyber security minor.

Additional Questions

For questions related to the Minor please send an email to


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