CSC 499 - Undergraduate Internship

Course Description

CSC 499 is an undergraduate internship. For completion of the Undergraduate Minor in Digital Forensics, it is recommended that students take 4 credits of CSC499 by completing an internship in the area of Digital Forensics. Students can choose to apply to one of the pre-existing internship programs that the university has in place, or to find and set-up an internship of their own. In the past, students have completed internships in place with The Rhode Island Digital Forensics Center, The Rhode Island State Crime Lab, The Rhode Island State Police, Naval Criminal Investigative Services, and The Warwick Police Department. For additional information see our digital forensics internships page.


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Semesters Taught

CSC 499 can be taken during any semester throughout the academic year. It will primarily depend on the availability of the organization where you are completing your internship.

Course Format

CSC 499 is completed in person at the agency or company with which you are completing your internship. Student's work schedules will be determined based on the needs and constraints of each agency or company. Each agency or company has different skill set requirements, timing constraints, and emphasis points for their interns. It is important to work closely with the program director to choose an internship that is best fitted to your skill level and availability.

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