CSC 599 - Master's Thesis Research

Course Description

For completion of the Masters Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on Digital Forensics, it is required that students complete a research project in the area. Students can choose to work on one of the pre-existing research projects that the university has in place, or to come up with a research project of their own. Currently, the university is working on research in the following areas: Steganography Detection, Human Image Detection, Automated Forensic Search String Generation, and Network Boot Disks, Software Write Blockers, and Remote Digital Forensic Analysis Labs. For additional information see our Research Page.


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Semesters Taught

CSC 599 can be taken during any semester throughout the academic year.

Course Format

CSC 599 is completed on a student's own time. Typically, students will be expected to attend a weekly meeting at which they will discuss the overall project and the individual progress that they are making in their own research. Each research project has different skill set requirements and timing constraints. It is important to work closely with the program director to choose a research project that is best fitted to your skill level and availability.

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