CSF 512 - Advanced Digital Forensics

Course Description

This online course is a continuation of the material taught in CSF 410. The focus is on examining specific types of data artifacts that a digital forensics examiner would come across during the course of a standard investigation. This course uses advanced forensic tools and hands-on exercises to emphasize the procedures that students will use in the field as forensic investigators. 4 credits.


CSF 410 - Digital Forensics I (Fall; 4 credits)

Course Format

This course is composed of weekly modules that include an assigned reading, online video lectures, a quiz, and a hands on assignment. Typically, new material for the week is released on Friday and due the following Friday. Students will have access to all of the necessary material through an online classroom that is maintained by the University. Part of this online classroom is a discussion board that allows students to anonymously communicate with each other and the instructor. Students taking this course will also have to complete a final project that is based on a current topic in the field.

Course Topics

  • Windows Registry
  • Windows Recycle Bin
  • Windows Vista/7
  • Windows Shadow Copy
  • Internet Related Artifacts
  • Windows Prefetch and UserAssist
  • Windows Thumbnails
  • Windows Event Logs
  • Tracking USB Devices
  • Reporting
  • Legal Issues

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