HPR 108b - Introduction to Computer Forensics

Course Description

HPR 108b is an honors level course for students interested in Digital Forensics. This course offers an introduction to digital forensic tools and procedures, computer and networking concepts and legal and ethical issues involving computer forensics. No Computer Science background is required to take this course.


Acceptance into the honors program at URI.

Course Format

HPR 108b is an in-person course. The class meets twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. During class meetings there is usually a lecture followed by some hands-on exercises. Quizzes are often given at the beginning of class to test on the previous reading assignment. Homework assignments are given weekly and the students have one week to complete them.

Course Topics

  • Binary
  • Digital Signatures, Steganography, Encryption and Passwords
  • Hardware
  • Disk Geometry
  • File Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Forensic Acquisition
  • Forensic Analysis with FTK
  • Networking
  • Internet Applications
  • Browsing and Caching
  • Procedures and Real-World Forensics

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