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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is the application of forensic science techniques to the acquisition and analysis of evidence that exists in digital form (e.g. evidence found in files on hard drives, in emails, in network activity, etc).

The challenges State and local law enforcement face investigating and prosecuting electronic crime and the lack of electronic crime investigation and digital evidence examination resources available to State and local criminal justice agencies have been well documented. A recent National Academy of Sciences' report, Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States, estimated that as of 2005, there was a national backlog of 350,000 pieces of evidence waiting to be processed. Additionally, Dell Digital Forensics cites that a lack of expertise and resources together with exponential volume of suspect data has led to an 18 – 24 month backlog.

In addition to reports outlining the massive amounts of backlogs in the digital forensics fields, attention is also being called to the need for advancing the tools, techniques, and education level of the digital forensics community. A 2010 report released by NIJ Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Advisory Council (LECTAC) evaluated 160 high priority needs and determined that 'improved tools to detect electronic crime and collect and process digital evidence' was one of the top 10 priorities.

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