Professional Certificates

The Professional Certificate program at URI was established in 2006 and ran until 2018. The program supported working professionals who did not yet meet the requirements of the Graduate Certificate program. Professional Certificates were issued by the URI DFCSC, acknowledging successful completion of courses in a specific concentration. The program allowed students to focus their education in an approved concentration area, without having to take additional general education courses such as writing, math, etc.

Computer Lab

This program was a successful example of how Universities can support community learning at all levels of education. In the ten years since the program was started educational levels have risen, and there is no longer demand for this well received program. Students are now completing Gradute Certificates and continuining on to the Professional Science Masters Degree.

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Student Stories

Eric Anderson"My training at the DFC has been a major advantage while pursuing positions related to computer forensics, corporate investigations, and litigation support services."

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