Automated Human Image Detection

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The Problem

Currently law enforcement investigators have to manually sort through hundreds of thousands of images searching for evidence of pornography. Existing law enforcement tools either do not have capabilities for automating this process or only have simple methods of identifying skin tone in images. Existing law enforcement tools also fail to provide law enforcement with a way to customize the criteria that they are searching for. Commercial tools are more advanced and flexible in their ability to customize search criteria, however, these tools are not designed to be forensically sound and cannot be used in law enforcement investigations.


By combining many existing computer vision and image processing techniques in the correct order, with the correct trade offs in speed and accuracy for Law Enforcement's two use cases of "Triage" and "Analysis", we can achieve a dramatic reduction in LE officers and investigators time in processing cases.


The Human Image Detection Research Group has developed an application that will rapidly scan a computer for likely pornographic images and generate a report with the results. Read more about RedLight Pornography Scanner including how to get a free copy.


This research is supported by the National Institute of Justice.