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Sample Publications

The Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center puts out a number of different types of publications each year. These publications include technical reports, student theses and dissertations, and faculty published papers. Below is just a sampling of the many publications that have been released by the members of the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center. Additional publications can be found on individual faculty web pages that are linked to from the About Us sections of the website.

Technical Reports

Report NumberReport TitlePublication Date
2008-52-1Evaluation of Software Write Blocking in SAFE Block XP V1.1June 30, 2008
TR10-327Evaluation of Software Write Blocking in SAFE Block Vista V1.0February 25, 2010
TR10-328Evaluation of Software Write Blocking in SAFE Block Win7 V1.0July 1, 2010

Student Theses and Dissertations

Author - Report TypeReport TitlePublication Date
Yang - DissertationTrust Establishment in Computer Networks: Theories and Applications2008
Bennett - ThesisJPEG Steganalysis & TCP/IP Steganography2009
Menon - ThesisMP3 Steganography and Steganalysis2009
Ball - DissertationRapid Determination of Age Classification2011
Mello - DissertationA Detailed Forensic Analysis and Recommendations for Rhode Island's Present and Future Voting Systems2011
Wenkai - DissertationDefending Against Multifaceted Attacks in Wireless Networks and Power Grid Networks2011
Perez-Ibanez - ThesisSearch String Support for Law Enforcement Agents2011
Tanner - ThesisModeling Automated Detection of Children in Images2011
Koppen - ThesisCloud Signature: An Application to Detect Cloud-Computing Applications Artifacts2012
Chae - ThesisRedeemable Reputation Based Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks2012
Alvarez - ThesisRedLight: An Efficient Illicit Image Detection Application for Law Enforcement2012
Bryan - DissertationVideo Steganalysis for Digital Forensics Investigation2013
Scarboro - ThesisForensics Steady State2014
Giannini - ThesisVulnerable Web Application Framework2015
Albluwi - DissertationFramework for Performance Evaluation of Computer Security Incident Response Capabilities2017

Faculty Published Papers

Author(s)TitlePublicationPublication Date
Sun, Han, and Liu Defense of Trust Management Vulnerabilities in Distributed Networks IEEE Communications Magazine February 2008
Yang, Feng, Sun, and Dai "Reputation Trap: An Powerful Attack on Reputation System of File Sharing P2P Environment 4th International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks September 2008
Yang, Feng, Sun, and Dai Dishonest Behaviors in Online Rating Systems: Cyber Competition, Attack Models and Attack Generator Journal of Computer Science Technology September 2009
Wang, Li, Sun, and Han Securing Collaborative Spectrum Sensing against Untrustworthy Secondary Users in Cognitive Radio Networks EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2010
Huang, Sun, Zhang, Liu, Ren, and Sierra Integrating neuromuscular and cyber systems for neural control of artificial legs First ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems 2010
Feng, Sun, Liu, Yang, and Dai Voting Systems with Trust Mechanisms in Cyberspace: Vulnerabilities and Defenses IEEE Transactions on Knowledge & Data Engineering December 2010
Liu, Zhang, Sun, and Huang Trust Sensor Interface for Improving Reliability of EMG-based User Intent Recognition 33rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society September 2011
Liu, Sun, Yu Defending Multiple-user-multiple-target Attacks in Online Reputation Systems Third IEEE International Conference on Social Computing October 2011
Liu and Sun Security of Online Reputation Systems: Evolution of Attacks and Defenses IEEE Signal Processing Magazine March 2012