Remote Forensic Tool


SAFE VNC is a free add-on to the SAFE Windows forensics boot disk. It allows an investigator access over the standard Internet to a remote suspect computer that has been booted with SAFE. It allows an on-site person to boot the suspect computer and attach a drive for fast imaging on that computer's bus (not slow imaging over the network as some remote tools require), and for the trained investigator to run tools in the booted environment that perform the acquisition and triage - all from an off-site location.

To install SAFE VNC, download Download SAFE VNC and use the ForensicSoft SAFE Tools Disk Creator to install SAFE VNC on your SAFE Tools Disk. The VNC User Guide describes how to open a connection on the suspect computer booted with SAFE. With this open connection an investigator from a remote location can execute tools from the SAFE Tools Disk on the booted suspect computer (with the tools executing locally on the booted suspect computer).

Download SAFE VNC Software

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